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Zambian Village

The PestalozziWorld Zambian Village has been operating on two sites in Lusaka, Zambia for more than a decade. Newly selected students start their PestalozziWorld journey in Kasisi, on the outskirts of Lusaka, where they spend their first two years in residence at their own Village, learning the PestalozziWorld way. They then become scholars of the Zambian Village in Ibex Hill in Lusaka.  Its partner private school is steps away from the Village and where all its scholars are enrolled, along with several hundred other local students. 

"PestalozziWorld is life changing. It not only gives you the education but also the values that helps you interact with everybody around you and also oneself using its philosophy of the head, heart and hands."

Mirriam Ng'onga, Zambian Village Alumni

The Zambian Village is a home for 166 girls and 72 boys from some of the poorest rural parts of Zambia and refugee camps, bringing together students from Zambia, Malawi, Angola, Burundi, Congo, and Rwanda.


After their secondary school day has ended, they play sports on the field they share with the school and return to the Village to tend to their large organic garden, help prepare food, meet with the Village Matron or the Pastoral Officer, continue projects of needlework, or the cleaning and maintenance of their facilities.



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About the Zambian Village

Zambia’s capital city, Lusaka, is home to PestalozziWorld’s Zambian Village. While many of its children are from the rural villages from all the provinces of Zambia, about one-third of them are from refugee camps and countries including Malawi, Angola, Burundi, Congo, and Rwanda.

Because of a shortage of high-quality education options in Lusaka, PestalozziWorld launched a school next to its Village. Most of the children must travel by car or bus for 3-12 hours when they go home on school holidays.



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