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PestalozziWorld is transforming lives and communities by enabling amazing children born in the poorest rural areas to achieve their full potential. These children are becoming a network of teachers, health professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs who are finding ways to help their communities.




 PestalozziWorld Alumni of which 70% are Female and 30% are Male



 Alumni surveyed hold Advanced Diplomas, Bachelors, Masters or PhD's



of your donation is spent on the care and education of children

Samten was selected as a scholar of the Indian Village in 2015 as a refugee. She has since gone on to earn an integrated Master's degree from the University College of Osteopathy, UK and is now establishing her practice in India. 

"PestalozziWorld allowed me not only to chase my full calibre but helped me give back to the community and become a responsible citizen.We walked in as strangers and walked out as family."

Samten Choekyi


​Due to the emphasis on academic excellence and social commitment in the PestalozziWorld experience, many of our alumni go far in their chosen careers.


They are an example of what is possible, and many become an invaluable source of financial and other help for their extended families and wider community.

6% - Financial services


Top 5 Alumni Professions

10% - Working on development programmes

6% Working in medicine/healthcare

33% - Teaching the next generation of children

12% - Business and managerial

Meet some of our Alumni


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Christabel's Story

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Joseph's Story