What We Do


Abilities are equally distributed across the globe, but opportunity is not. That is why we are transforming lives and communities through a programme of intellectual and holistic child-centred development that enables amazing children born in the poorest rural areas to achieve their full potential. These children are becoming a network of teachers, health professionals, leaders, and entrepreneurs who are finding ways to help their communities.

PestalozziWorld finds very talented children around age ten in the poorest, hard to reach parts of South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, including many refugee camps, brings them to one of its residential Villages, enrols them in a good secondary school and eight years later sends off prepared for success in college or employment or in their efforts to pay forward the remarkable help they received.

The children invited to become residents of a Village are selected on the basis of ability as well as need. PestalozziWorld scholars graduate with secondary education diplomas, a range of practical skills that they can apply in their communities, and the benefit of a nurturing PestalozziWorld experience which has taught them of their responsibility to care for others. They are then in a great position to help the communities and countries from that they originate or in which they live.