The Girl Effect

PestalozziWorld believes in the power of girls to change the world…and the power of education to change the fate of girls. Today, two-thirds of the 774 million illiterate people on Earth are female. One in three girls in the developing world are married before age 18, and one in three girls in the developing world give birth before age 20. Ensuring that girls get a secondary education is one of the most effective ways of averting child marriage and early births. 

This experience has given me so much positive hope and I now view things in a different way. I have learnt never to give up on my dreams and aspirations and I am now more focused than ever. The Pestalozzi values have positively impacted my life, the way I behave and how I carry myself. The skills I have acquired are a part of me that no one can ever take away.

Beatrice Hibajene - Zambian Village

That is why two-thirds of PestlozziWorld students are female, recruited from areas where girls too often face marriage as teenagers, early pregnancies, or bleak prospects for employment. Equipped through our “head, heart, and hands” approach with knowledge, skills, and ethics, as well as a family of supportive peers, our girls are going on to college, careers, and assuming roles in their communities that are making them healthier, economically more powerful, and poised to be leaders. PestalozziWorld graduates are changing the expectations of girls in their communities.

We now have 931 alumnae who are breaking the stigma and changing the expectation of girls in their communities. They have gone on to lead successful careers all over the world.



Together we can develop a bespoke partnership that will create opportunities for thousands of children. 



Make a difference at one of our villages, either by teaching or supporting our staff. Your time and skills really can make a difference. 



Unlock opportunities for children so they can achieve their true potential. Your donation goes entirely to the care and education of the scholars.