• James Haughton

UK Developments

Updated: Feb 1

We have made a number of exciting appointments in 2020 in order to boost capacity, bring in new skills and extend our networks. In July 2020, James Haughton was appointed CEO of PestalozziWorld UK, James has extensive NGO management experience in executive and non-executive roles, including having a proven track record in developing new income streams. While three new advisors to the Board were appointed, Magnus Hollo, Devie Mohan and Patric Klees. Magnus is currently Chairman of The E-Sports Integrity Commission and Former Managing Director at Sony Pictures Entertainment International. Devie is a leading Fintech influencer, author, public speaker and marketing strategist. Patric is a London-based Investor and Vice Chairman of Vision Ophthalmology Group. All three are part of a newly created development committee with Trustees and we are very pleased to have them on board.

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