• James Haughton

Response to Covid-19

Updated: Feb 1

As for many the COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on our Children’s Villages with all schools closing in India, Nepal and Zambia in late March and the majority of children being sent home to their families. With the students gone the staff quickly adapted to supporting the children from afar, ensuring they were all fed, cared for and educated while at home.

Managers at the Villages have used the time to provide staff training and make improvements to the facilities. In preparation for the children returning the Villages have undertaken extensive risk assessments and implemented COVID-19 Safe Plans. So far there have been no confirmed cases of the virus amongst staff or children. Selection of new children has been cancelled this year due to travel restrictions.

In India schools are opening for certain grades and 13 students have returned to the Village while the others continue to study from home with support from staff. In Nepal the country remains in lockdown and all the schools are still closed so most of the children remain at home and are attending online classes. In Zambia the students have all returned to the Village with the exam classes returning in June and the rest of the students in September.

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