The Ripple Effect

It would be enough for PestalozziWorld’s efforts to simply be the catalyst for over 1,100 alumni rising up from some of the poorest regions of the world to get jobs, college degrees, and more. Yet at the core of the Pestalozzi approach to the education of the heart is gratitude and helping others, so it is no surprise that, being very grateful for the education they were given and the community supporting them, our alumni are finding ways to help others.

That is why 10x is the return—so far—on PestalozziWorld’s charitable investment in its 1,000+ scholars.

  • About a quarter of alumni are finding ways to contribute time, funds or both to the next generation of children in PestalozziWorld’s Villages.
  • Almost 9,000 students have PestalozziWorld alumni as their teachers.
  • At least 500 parents of PestalozziWorld alumni have received support from their children.
  • At least 500 siblings of PestalozziWorld alumni have had their schooling paid for. 
  • Our alumni are helping to educate new generations of disadvantaged children in the same situation they once faced themselves.  We support our alumni to set up foundations in their own countries to help educate more children in need.  Alumni foundations in Thailand and Nepal are now supporting the next generation of children through their own fundraising initiatives, with 100 children being sponsored in Thailand and 50 in Nepal.

A hard-to-measure number of girls and adults, likely thousands, in the poorest regions of the globe have been inspired by PestalozziWorld alumni to rethink what is possible.

Our Partner, Edulution

Edulution is focused on improving numeracy, literacy and ICT skills in Zambia using its innovative technology, world-class analytics and local resources. 

The model is enabled by coaches who become micro-entrepreneurs. Coaches are only paid for hours of learning delivered and are rewarded for outcomes. The benefits we bring with Edulution to communities are education, employment and entrepreneurship.