Our Impact

Thomas with students

PestalozziWorld is transforming lives and communities by enabling amazing children born in the poorest rural areas to achieve their full potential. These children are becoming a network of teachers, health professionals, leaders, and entrepreneurs who are finding ways to help their communities. Our past investment in more than 1,000 PestalozziWorld scholars has produced a ripple effect that is, so far, having an impact on at least 10,0000 more adults or children.

Almost half of the 1,122 alumni have gone on to earn their bachelor’s degree; some going further to get a master’s or a PhD. About a quarter of alumni are also finding ways to contribute time, funds or both to the next generation of PestalozziWorld children. Alumni have set up foundations in Thailand and Nepal and are now providing scholarships 100 children in Thailand and 50 in Nepal.

PestalozziWorld’s impact is greatly expanded by a social enterprise partner it helped start, Edulution, that uses cutting-edge learning tablet technology (and solar power) to teach literacy and numeracy to 10,000 poor students in Zambia’s rural areas. This mobile learning centre program borrowed much from PestalozziWorld’s "head, heart and hands" approach and is led by dozens of PestalozziWorld Alumni.  Each year they are helping thousands of students make big gains in the rural communities from which they came.