Zambian Alumni Enterprises by Grace Mwenya

The alumni enterprises at the Zambian Village are an initiative to empower alumni and enable them to gain financial independence. The Village runs four small businesses with alumni either managing or working in each business. The farm shop is one such business. It operates as a restaurant with the main customers being students and staff at the Pestalozzi Eduction Centre. They serve rice, nshima, meat and vegetables alongside snacks such as fritters and fries.It is run by Maria Ngoma who this year was awarded alumna of the year for her hard work and contribution towards PestalozziWorld.

The ultimate goal is for all these businesses to contribute financially towards the running of the African Village. Therefore each business is working towards expanding profits, and while others are self sufficient, some are still working towards that. The farm shop has shown great improvements from the time it was started. It has been a great experience for both Maria and her assistant, as there is always something new to learn everyday.

Maria Ngoma in the farm shop