Welcome Foundation House!

Students at the Indian Village hosted a welcome function for the new batch


On 7th of November, a welcome function was organized for the new batch of students at the Village. We felt very happy and special that a programme had been arranged for us.

We were called up on the stage where Jemini ma’am, Yashpal sir and Anudev bhaiya put garlands on us one by one. We were very nervous when we were called on stage to introduce ourselves, but Cheme ma’am, our housemother, our teachers and the other staff members of Pestalozzi encouraged us. Our senior brothers and sisters performed dances for us on different songs. We would like to thank our cook who made us a delicious dinner.

We enjoyed it a lot and feel very happy to be welcomed into the Pestalozzi family.

By Mishu Gupta, Foundation House