Skills at the Nepalese Village

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PestalozziWorld educates our head, heart and hands.  At the Nepalese Village we educate our heads through study and thinking positively. To develop our hearts, we help others in difficulty and are kind to others. Working with our hands involves learning gardening, carpentry and computer skills. We are very lucky to get this opportunity.

In our first year at the Village we learnt computer skills. In the second year we learnt gardening every week for an hour. Now we are learning carpentry skills every Friday for an hour. We go to the vocational training center at the SOS Village for our carpentry class. In the beginning we learnt the basic rules of carpentry. Now that we have progressed we have learnt to make some things for our house like photo frames, stools, shoe racks, and piggy banks. Our carpentry teacher is fun and loving. He is also very patient with us.

Every Friday we learn a new technique in carpentry. It is very interesting and we love experimenting with different methods. We all work together very well and help each other when we have problem.

By student Passang Doma Sherpa