Safal Pokhara International Marathon

Safal International Pokhara Marathon


Ex-players Forum Nepal organised the 14th Safal Pokhara International Marathon in Pokhara on Saturday, 15th February. The theme of the marathon was “Run for Health, Run for Pokhara”. This event was among one of the most celebrated ones in Pokhara with more than 5000 participants from different sectors. In addition to the 42km marathon, the event also featured a 5k race for school children. Comprehending the essentials of good health and well-being, 25 of our children along with three staff took part in the race. It was a fabulous atmosphere and an invaluable experience for our young runners. The top two of our runners were Deepa and Puskar who came 5th and 11th respectively, out of over 500 school children. From the staff, PCVS alumnus Eak Narayan came 1st in the Fun-Run category, completing the 10k in just 45 minutes. Bigyan followed shortly behind trailed by Sabita Bhandari bringing up the rear in just under 80 minutes!