Holiday Activities

Holidays give our students a rest from school work but the Villages are still a hive of activity with students taking part in extra curricula activities and going on a range of educational trips.  These trips give students the chance to explore the surrounding area, build bonds with each other and have some fun.


The students at the Zambian Village visited the Lusaka National Museum, Kenneth Kaunda Airport, Kabwata cultural village and Presidential burial site as well as the former state house were Zambia’s first republican president resided before Zambia got independence. Apart from these significant places, the students also had an opportunity to take a city tour where important places were pointed out to them.

I will personally never forget the children’s faces as we were taken round the former state house. It’s indeed true that a picture can speak a thousand words but seeing something with your own eyes makes all the difference and creates long lasting memories.

Sharon Chonya, Pastoral Officer at the Zambian Village