Day in the life of a volunteer at the Zambian Village

garden produce


It’s my third day at the Zambian Village and I have been invited to help in the garden this morning. After breakfast, I head out while it is still cool. I meet Mr Habweka, the Farm Manager, and Patrick, who helps out. We begin by harvesting a kind of cabbage. Mr. Habweka is surprised to hear that I have harvested veggies before, but I think I could do with a lot more practice!

We are soon joined by Cristabel, and it is quick work to fill a couple of bags with the vegetables! We then move on to weeding carrots, which are completely swamped by weeds. Cristabel and I joke about it being a jungle or bush for the carrots, and how they should grow fast now that they are weeded. A satisfying job to finish! 

Later that day, Cristabel finds me to give me some aubergines, coriander, and tomatoes from the garden. It is such a treat to eat fresh, local and organic foods, and especially satisfying if you know what work and time went into producing them!

In the evening I sit with some students to eat. It is the last day of classes and there is an excited buzz in the air. The power has been out all day, but that cannot deter their excitement. The students are looking forward to a bit more free time, relaxing, and sleeping in. Sometime after supper the power comes back on and delighted shrieks of delight can be heard echoing throughout the village. I am certainly learning to appreciate things I have taken for granted!

By Antonia Butler