A Blast from the Past

Pestalozzi Christmas Card made by Anudev


Former Pestalozzi Alumni, Anudev, reflects upon his feelings when he found an old Christmas card he made during his first few months at the Indian Village thirteen years ago!

"Some days back, I found this very old and special Christmas card from December 2006, that I had made in Pestalozzi (Dehradun) for my mom and sent home.
I was 10 and had just shifted into PestalozziWorld life in September that same year, leaving my home and family behind and beginning a new journey of my own. Thirteen years have gone by, yet seeing this card reminded me of the time I was making it sitting with my new friends, who soon became like family, as if it was only a while ago. This must have been very special and precious for my mom at that time so she kept it safe along with all the other letters that I sent home. Today it's become equally precious for me as well."

Anudev went on to graduate from the Dehradun Institute of Technology University and is actively involved in Pestalozzi alumni activities.