Birthdays! A Cause for Celebration at the Zambian Village

There are on average 14 million birthdays each day of the year. And yet there are very few people, if any, who appreciate the extraordinary importance of a birthday. Birthdays are a celebration of your life. They mark another year in your life’s story.

Saturday the 13th of April was a perfect definition of a fun packed day at the Zambian Village. The children were excited because they were looking forward to celebrating the birthdays for the January – April babies.

Birthday party at the Pestalozzi Zambian Village

In the morning the children all gathered together in the Insaka. An Insaka, is an African meeting place which is usually made of thatched grass. The grass makes the place cool regardless of how hot it is. With the sound of music in the background, the children were given an activity on creative thinking. They were given all sorts of materials and were asked to make cards for the birthday children. It was awesome to see the creative ideas that the children came up with.

The cards were later presented to the birthday babies. The team commemorating their birthdays gathered around the table to cut the cake and then share with their friends. Later that day there was a family meal, the children ate together, laughed together and danced together. Another memory was added into their diary of their stay at the Pestalozzi Zambian Village.

Sharon Chonya, Pastoral Officer