Alumni sucess story!



PestalozziWorld alumna, Renuka Sapkota, has entered the medical world as a nurse!

Renuka hails from the Sindhupalchok district of Nepal. She joined the Indian Village in the 2006 with big dreams and strong determination. During her time at the Village, her hard work won her many accolades and she was the highest scorer in 10th grade from her batch. Even outside academics, her kind nature won her the Pestalozzi ‘Head’ award in 2014. Owing to these qualities and keen interest in Biology, she chose to study medicine at Kathmandu University.

In November 2018, Renuka graduated from university, and won herself a place at one of Nepal’s noted hospitals to pursue her career as a nurse. Follwing the Pestalozzi values of Head, Heart and Hands she provides service to her community outside of her hospital work. When she is back at her village, she provides diagnosis to old people and refers them to hospitals when required. Even when she is back to the city for work, she is generous with her medical advice over the phone. Being one of the few professional nurses from her village, she understands how important her skills are to her own community. This also explains why she wants to continue her life practicing medicine in Nepal.