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8th March, 2019
Indian Village
Social work at the Indian Village
30 children that stayed at the Village over the winter break went to the Aasraa Trust School every morning to assist the teachers in teaching the
7th March, 2019
Zambian Village
Meet Blessings
Blessings is a Grade 8 student at the Zambian Village. She is 13 years old and comes from a family of 10. Originally from The Congo she came to Zambia
1st March, 2019
Nepalese Village
Monthly Momo making day!
Can you guess what the favourite activity of the children at the Nepalese Village is? It’s not watching movies or playing games..It’s none other than
15th February, 2019
Nepalese Village
Founders Day at the Nepalese Village- February 2019
It was an immense joy for the children and staff of the Nepalese Village to host their second Founder's Day event which was a fun-fare of community
8th February, 2019
Zambian Village
Alumna Makes Organic Farming Her Mission
Being selected for a PestalozziWorld scholarship was one of the best things that ever happened to me and I would never trade it for anything.
8th February, 2019
Indian Village
The International Reunion- India 2019 by Tenzin Tsepak
Reunions have always been a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with the Pestalozzi family from both India and overseas in person. 75 people made it to
12th December, 2018
Indian Village
Festivals at the Indian Village by Priyanshu Raj, Class 11
Festivals are much awaited by us children in the Indian Village. On 2 nd October we marked Gandhi Jayanti , the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi. The senior
7th December, 2018
Zambian Village
Holiday Activities
Holidays give our students a rest from school work but the Villages are still a hive of activity with students taking part in extra curricula
23rd November, 2018
Zambian Village
Zambian Alumni Enterprises by Grace Mwenya
The alumni enterprises at the Zambian Village are an initiative to empower alumni and enable them to gain financial independence. The Village runs