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13th January, 2021
Indian Village
Who was Pestalozzi?
Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi, Swiss social reformer and educator, is known as the Father of Modern Education. The modern era of education started with
15th December, 2020
Indian Village
The Girl Effect
PestalozziWorld believes in the power of girls to change the world. Did you know 1 in 3 girls in the global South give birth before they are 20?
7th December, 2020
Indian Village
UK Developments
We have made a number of exciting appointments in 2020 in order to boost capacity, bring in new skills and extend our networks. In July 2020, James
30th November, 2020
Indian Village
Response to Covid-19
As for many the COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on our Children’s Villages with all schools closing in India, Nepal and Zambia in late March
8th July, 2020
Zambian Village
Welcome Back Zambian Village!
As schools reopen in Zambia, we are so happy to see our wonderful students back at the Zambian Village. All safety precautions are in place to ensure
26th March, 2020
Indian Village
Coronavirus Update
As news and advice on Coronavirus continues to evolve quickly, PestalozziWorld is closely monitoring developments and its impact on the health and
19th February, 2020
Nepalese Village
Safal Pokhara International Marathon
Ex-players Forum Nepal organised the 14th Safal Pokhara International Marathon in Pokhara on Saturday, 15th February. The theme of the marathon was
18th December, 2019
Indian Village
A Blast from the Past
Former Pestalozzi Alumni, Anudev, reflects upon his feelings when he found an old Christmas card he made during his first few months at the Indian
4th December, 2019
Indian Village
Welcome Foundation House!
On 7th of November, a welcome function was organized for the new batch of students at the Village. We felt very happy and special that a programme had