Mobile Learning 

Using innovative tablet technology, solar power and educational coaches, PestalozziWorld is accelerating the learning of 4,300 disadvantaged children in refugee camps and villages in rural Zambia with our partner, Edulution.

Rural Zambia is a challenging environment with no grid electricity or running water, extreme temperatures in dusty environments, very limited internet connectivity and low-quality schooling.

Edulution’s learning coaches, many of whom are PestalozziWorld alumni, travel around with a pack full of tablets, a remote computer and a range of fun educational games up their sleeves! Working at their own pace, students are supported to master foundational maths and literacy while developing their computer skills in regions where there is limited access to quality education. 

This unique combination of innovative learning tablets, software, solar power, and most importantly, skilled coaches, is having a measurable impact. Edulution’s ‘alpha’ course graduates performed 25% better than their peers in the Grade 7 National examination.

PestalozziWorld helped Edulution get started and has since supported its work with thousands of students. Edulution now serves over 10,000 students in Zambia and will soon start serving students in other sub-Saharan African countries.

Prosper's Story

Prosper, aged 11, was born into poverty in a remote rural area in eastern Zambia. When Edulution met him, he did not know 1 x 1, nor could he add or subtract or do much else. Without these basic skills, the opportunities for his future were extremely limited. Things changed when PestalozziWorld funded him through the foundational maths course provided by Edulution. 

Enabled by learning technology, a robust learning process, and, effective coaching from Mulenga Mwamba, a PestalozziWorld alumna, Prosper went from knowing hardly anything at all to being numerate in 6 months.



Together we can develop a bespoke partnership that will create opportunities for thousands of children. 

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Make a difference at one of our villages, either by teaching or supporting our staff. Your time and skills really can make a difference.




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