I am Akriti. I am from Nepal and I am under the scholarship of PestalozziWorld.

I am very grateful to this organization for giving me wonderful opportunities to fulfil my dreams.  

I was born in a remote place called Syangja, in Nepal. I joined PestalozziWorld on 12th August, 2015. At present, I am in sixth standard. My aim is to become a chartered accountant. My hobbies are singing, gardening and reading story books. I am thankful to PestalozziWorld for their care, love and affection.

I have many friends here from different nationalities. There is a very good environment at the Indian Village and everyone is like a family member, they are always ready to help me and provide support. In skills classes I have learnt stitching and gardening.

When I become an independent woman, it will be my utmost duty to contribute back to PestalozziWorld. They have been a supporting pillar and helped me to become who I will be.