Children’s abilities are equally distributed across the globe, but opportunity isn’t. 

Learning with Head, Heart & Hands

We provide opportunities for the poorest children in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. We focus on children with potential to become future leaders, equipping them with the skills and dispositions needed to improve their communities and countries forever.


Why PestalozziWorld?

We provide learning opportunities for the poorest children so they can achieve their true potential. 


What We Do

We put an equal emphasis on character, practical life skills and cognitive development, enabling children to become future leaders. 


Your Impact

We transform lives and communities by enabling amazing children born in the poorest rural areas to achieve their full potential. 

In areas of poverty, gender, disease, poor schools and the pressure to work limit children’s opportunities to learn: 


1 in 4 of our children have lost one or both of their parents,

2 in 3 of our children come from families surviving primarily by subsistence farming,


100% of scholars have abilities that cannot be fully realized in poor quality local schools and under conditions of poverty.



Together we can develop a bespoke partnership that will create opportunities for thousands of children. 

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Make a difference at one of our villages, either by teaching or supporting our staff. Your time and skills really can make a difference. 



Unlock opportunities for children so they can achieve their true potential. Your donation goes entirely to the care and education of the scholars.

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