kasisiboysThere are currently over 150 children at the Asian Children’s Village  in Dehradun, northern India – including Indians, Nepalese and  Tibetan exiles.  The children attend some of the best and most demanding  schools in Dehradun. 


Over two hundred students, Zambians and refugees from neighbouring countries are accommodated at the African Children’s Village, Lusaka, Zambia. All these children are now educated in-house. Further students are sponsored at local schools as part of a community support programme.

The scholars previously sponsored at Viphya Secondary School, Mzuzu,  have all graduated.  Malawians are now attending the African Village in Lusaka.
We are sponsoring over 50 students at Shri Sita Ram School, Doti,   in the Far West of Nepal.  Some of the recent graduates are the first  girls ever to achieve a first degree pass from the school.  Some  students are from the lowest castes.
Scholars also study at Budhanilkantha School in Kathmandu, where the  Nepalese Government provides scholarships for one-third of the students,  who are selected from all over Nepal.  

We are sponsoring students in partnership with the Thai Pestalozzi Foundation, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2010.